Yoga and CyberTherapy

Yoga as a second language

The bedrocks of Cybertherapy are two:
1. Knowing that there is so much about ourselves that we do not know.
2. There is one central starting point.

We are so unaware of what we are thinking, feeling and how we behave. We can an AUTOMATIC PILOT who is virtually unquestioned. The pilot sets the course and off we go.
The bases of the interactive therapy in the site myCyberTherapy is to examine exactly what the pilot is doing and determine if this is appropriate.
Go to the site and see for yourself.

In CyberTherapy I maintain that there is a starting point for all our actions. Picture the point as the button or link we press. The button or initiator is the CRITICAL MOMENT. Something happens and we react. The Automatic Pilot takes over.
In Yoga, the string point is well marked. We ask ourself something completely unthought about. That something is where are the soles’ of our feet? We learn how to balance ourselves– where is the centre of balance?
As in CyberTherapy, we discover very quickly, that we have lost all knowledge.

In Yoga and CyberTherapy, we discover how to realise that we are missing the key ingredient and recalibrate. In Yoga we and CyberTherapy we are listening and more. We are paying attention.

In CyberTherapy we are looking closely at three parameters: how we think, feel and behave.
In Yoga, there is another set of threes. As in CyberTherapy the three parameters interplay. What are Yoga’s three parameters? What our muscles are doing, what our skeleton is doing and what movement are we making.

Both Yoga and CyberTherapy the three parameters are akin to any sentence consisting of a subject, object and verb.
In both, slowly but surely we learn the syntax and vocabulary and learn new interrelated languages with which to express ourselves.
Unlike any other language, the learning of one enhances the richness of the other.
They unite in a heightened sense of awareness. With awareness comes coping and happiness.